Picnic style engagement session | Sarah + Spencer {Jacksonville and St.Augustine engagement & wedding photographer}

Sarah and Spencer decided to do their engagement session in St.Augustine at the beach where they had their first date - I absolutely love that idea. And not only did they have the photoshoot at the same spot - Sarah & Spencer also decided to re-create the picnic! And it was just wonderful!

When I asked them how did they meet then here's what Sarah & Spencer had to say:

Sarah: We had planned one last trip to Disney with our friends before she has her baby and Spencer gets busy with work ups. We got to Disney Friday afternoon, went to a nice lovely dinner, and then we decided to go into Magic Kingdom to watch the new fireworks show none of us had ever seen before. During the fireworks show (perfectly named "Happily Ever After"), Spencer handed me a note which said all sorts of sweet things that made me cry and at the bottom it said something like “When you’re done reading this fold it back up because I have a question to ask you…” and when I looked up he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!!! We enjoyed the rest of the show and the magical atmosphere of Magic Kingdom’s Main Street at night then walked back to our hotel to get some drinks. When we turned the corner in the hotel bar, I saw my mom, dad, and little sister, and all of Spencer's family!!! I dropped to the ground and cried (again). Then we got to spend the weekend with everyone in Disney! :D It was perfection!!

Spencer: That’s how it happened. I’m glad she got the impression that going into Magic Kingdom to see the fireworks was her idea. That’s how I planned it.

Sarah and Spencer both have the same passion for overseas humanitarian aid work and missions. She took a semester off of college to go to Singapore and support a missionary family; he took a year off of college to help start a water filtration program in India. They both want to adopt kids that are at a high risk of sex trafficking, and would love a pet penguin."

I'm so very excited to be their photographer for the wedding as well - it's going to be in Oyster Bay Yacht Club and I absolutely can't wait!

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